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How to Install OpenVPN on a CentOS 5 Based VPS

NOTE: CentOS 5 is no longer supported by the developer, I have made a new tutorial to install OpenVPN server using Pritunl and Ubuntu, please see here. To be able to


Install Driver D-Link DGE-528T on VMware ESXi 5

Gigabit Lan card D-Link DGE-528T is a gigabit LAN card that is easily found in the market at a quite affordable price. Unfortunately VMware ESXi 5 doesn't recognize it by default. For that we have to install the driver manually.


YouTube Caching Using Squid & Nginx

MAY UPDATE 2014: The YouTube link algorithm has changed. The configuration below can no longer cache Youtube videos. I haven't found the regex url


5 Minutes Install Squid Proxy Server

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between the client computer and the destination server. Some of the advantages of connecting to the Internet using a proxy server are:


Tips for Securing a Linux Server or VPS

The server or VPS that we use to host our website is connected to the Internet, anyone can access it. To protect against access by ignorant hands, we need to

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Easy to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04

This tutorial explains how to install and configure MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu 20.04. MongoDB is a free, open-source document database. Belongs to the so-called database family